Security Products

Protecting your devices and network is essential. We have partnered with Avast! to provide a centralized anti-virus solution giving you peace of mind - we monitor for anti-virus compliance and threat detection and alert you if further action needs to be provided. Contact us today for more information!

Backup Products

Backing up your personal and/or business data helps protects from threats such as hardware failures, outages, and viruses/malware. Services such Dropbox and G Suite synchronize files between multiple devices, but do offer disaster recovery/backup options by default (although, they can be added on). Even in the event where backup options are added, only files within those folders are backed up - the rest of your files on your computer or network are not. Keep your personal or business files protected with a dedicated cloud backup solution today!


Automated Backups for peace of mind

For the home or small office, Carbonite installs on each of your computers and your files and documents backed up automatically. When you purchase a new computer or need to restore your files, all of your backed up files can be restored easily. You can install Carbonite on as many computers as you want, you just pay for total backup storage. Carbonite also has network/cloud hybrid storage options for larger business - we can help determine the best option for your business. For home/small office purchases without consultation with Binary IT Systems, you can purchase Carbonite directly.